Cara Livorio is a professional painter native to Pittsburgh. She obtained her BFA in drawing and painting from the Pennsylvania State University and pursued graduate studies in visual art and curatorship at NABA in Milan, Italy.  A painter to the core, her craft centers on color and the tactual physicality of the paint.

Cara’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Italy and resides in private collections throughout the United States and in Europe.

Her current series, “B(L)OOM!”, takes floral compositions that are naturally beautiful in design and elevates them into an expression of color, form, and texture that is dynamic and raw. 

Taking both commercial and private commission work, Cara has worked with curators, architecture/design firms, and private clients to create custom artwork for their spaces.  Her work can be seen in various locations throughout Pittsburgh and in Italy, including an installation of large-scale paintings in the lobby of the Jefferson Regional Hospital and an extensive mural/artwork commission in Ospedale dei Bambini Buzzi in Milan, Italy.

Cara is the owner of the art school, gallery and art boutique, Artissima Studio, located in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania. 


“Art and love are connected in a way that you don’t have to think about it, you just feel it.”

My motivation for painting always derives from my general fascination with color, texture and light. It is the physicality and versatility of the paint that captures my attention, so many languages and possibilities all wrapped up in one medium. I am thrilled by executing a piece of work that successfully utilizes multiple languages and techniques in a way where they are concerted in one general and raw expression of form and color.

One will see that the subject matter of my work will change, but my inspiration and approach remains constant. Beyond my obsession with the techniques of my craft, my work is motivated by the ideas of time, permanence, and the nostalgia of capturing beauty which is fleeting. What is beauty? A memory, an instance, or beautiful flowers all have a life span until they morph into something else. Beauty is an impression. It is important that I portray the life energy of my chosen subject matter—a dynamic palpable experience that has motion, a heightened sensation of a changing existence that has a before, now and after. Maybe beauty or different states of beauty lie within this timeframe.

My latest exploration of dynamic florals or “un-still lives” seeks to elevate the florals into an expression of their living energy.


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